Qplan today

Qplan Refrigeration, the supplier of “naturally sound” solutions became dynamically developing enterprise from a family firm by today, and play important role abroad, too.

Our strength, we hold knowledge of different refrigeration technologies, hence we are not imposed by only one kind of solution in all kind of application. In our work, as far as we can have the chance, we are pleased to deliver more potential solutions for implementing the specific cooling duty and remaining the choice to our Clients. 

We take advantage of our authentic position to construct components and design solutions the most optimal and proven yet.
It verifies our intentions the best we take over even the operation of systems with solution we recommended over the entire lifecycle, even at flat fee.
In term of sustainability our sole commitment is application of refrigerants with the lowest impact on the environment. So far it goes we are keen on preferring them no matter we are talking about carbon-dioxid, ammonia or right about hydrocarbons.,

All we can do thanks to our professional experiences over decades which extend beyond more generations due to traditions of engineering professions in the family.
Behind the records achieved there are people armed with high skill by whose participation Qplan Refrigeration was established at the transition in 1991. The course of engineers are expanded gradually to including all professions for implementing and operation turn-key installations and the increasing amount of contracts.

Once the knowledge was acquired perhaps it is not adequate today yet. Beside manifestation of our colleagues we keep their competence fresh and enlarging always.

Indeed, our field of activities hold every step of implementation and operation:

-    compiling feasibility studies, lifecycle costs calculations in process of decision preparation

-    accomplishing documentation for approvals certificates, licenses, permissions, tender processes

-    design and permission of equipment for  food processing, retail, commercial, public, industrial and energetics processes (refrigeration, structure, electrical and automatics)    

-    construction and manufacturing of equipment for food processing, retail, commercial, public, industrial and energetics processes (refrigeration, structure, electrical and automatics)     

-    trade, installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment and systems even in turn-key contracts and with remote monitoring capabilities

-    operation of refrigeration equipment and systems in 7/24 service duty, even in frame of flat fee contracts for the equipment and systems delivered by us

-    surveys, assessments, supervisions in point of engineering and energy efficiency and submit of proposals to repair and refit for further operation and maintenance even in
    frame of  flat fee contracts prudent professional support for our Clients in our working together.

We carry all the activities listed before in quality and environmental management systems, and we possess all permissions and registration required, our products are marked with CE, the personal conditions are provided by our own employees.

We complete design works in computer aided systems respecting thermodynamic calculations, 3D construction and vessel design, as well as design of electrics, automatics and PLC control. 

The potential in the 1800m2 manufacturing facility can be described well so, for instance, we are able to build everything from the scale of heat pump for family home to even extreme large of equipment of size ?m x ?m x?m assembled from 10- tons elements   
Service duty and calls are accomplished by aid of multi-level automotive call center for all stores contracted on their own dedicated line for ease of identification.  

We trust we could call your attention. Pls., feel free to contact our colleagues and visit our website.